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Fortifying Eyelash & Eyebrows Gel w/ ANP®2+ - Ecrinal®

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Treatment for eyelashes and eyebrows that are weak, damaged, short or thin. Exclusive Formula, combining fortifying active ingredients ANP® 2+ (ASEPTA Exclusive Patent), Provitamin B5 and Tripeptide® to help promote the growth of longer and fuller, thicker looking eyelashes and eyebrows


  • Improves the hold of mascara
  • Increases density and volume of lashes
  • Stimulates lash growth
  • Easy to apply thanks to the applicator brush
  • Efficacy tested under ophthalmological control
  • Recommended for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers
  • Non-oily, colorless gel

Instructions for Use

Apply in the morning and evening onto clean eyebrows and lashes. Apply like mascara from the roots to the tips and leave on all day and/or night. Use for two to three (2-3) consecutive months. Mascara may be applied directly after the treatment.


9 ml / 0.28oz

Active Ingredients

  • ANP® 2+ – strengthens lashes and boosts growth. 
  • PROVITAMIN B5 - repairs and reinforces fine and fragile lashes 
  • TRIPEPTIDE – targets and stimulates cell multiplication, strengthens 
  • WIDELASH® – boosts cell metabolism in the pilarbulb and ensures anchorage of eyebrows or lashes.

Expiration Date

12 months after opened

External Use Only