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Diabetes Skin Cleansing Deodorizing Footwash Lotion AKILDIA®

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Hygiene for diabetic feet, cleans and deodorizes leaving your feet pleasantly fresh, no water or rinsing!

Best For

Cleaning fragile and sensitive feet, deodorizing and refreshing diabetic feet.


  • Cleans and deodorizes the epidermis of your feet
  • Contains anti-bacterial essential oils
  • NO need for soap and water which are unsuitable for delicate skin
  • Simplifies the cleaning of your feet
  • Leaves feet feeling clean and subtly fragranced   
  • Paraben-free!
  • Enriched formula

Instructions for Use

  1. Soak mitt or cotton cloth with this lotion and clean your feet.
  2. Pay special attention the areas between your toes.
  3. DO NOT rinse and dry your feet carefully without rubbing, pat dry.
  4. DO NOT apply if you have injuries or scrapes.


200 ml / 6.7 fl oz 

Active Ingredients

  • Essential Oils of Thyme & Rosemary - deodorizing, fresh fragrance
  • Essential Oil of Lemon - toning
  • Essential Oil of Lavender - antiseptic, deodorizing

                    Expiration Date

                    18 months after opening

                    FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY

                    MADE IN MONACO