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Magic Soothing Foot Balm - Akileïne®

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This foot balm contains all natural shea butter that protects your feet from blisters and comforts them in painful shoes.

Best For

Chafing, wearing with heels, new shoe pain.


  • Comforts and protects your feet
  • Intensely moisturizes to combat the formation of calluses in high friction areas of your feet 
  • Perfectly moisturizes and soothes your feet
  • Ideal for wearing with new shoes, heels, pumps that hurt your feet
  • Can be used by children three (3) years and older

Instructions for Use

  1. Apply twice daily.
  2. Focus on areas of the foot that need extra protection.
  3. Apply before wearing shoes and as a massage in the evening.


75 ml / 2.5 oz 

Active Ingredients

  • Natural Shea Butter

                  Expiration Date

                  24 months after opening

                  FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY

                  MADE IN MONACO