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Nourishing Nectar Foot Cream - D'Âme Nature®

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Size - 75 ml - 2.5 oz


Nourishes and hydrates feet for more than 7 hours

Protects feet

Natural blend of ingredients (green tea, honey, and olive oil) produces an anti-

inflammatory, antioxidant effect)

Unscented, ivory-colored emulsion

The Nourishing Nectar formula combines powerful natural moisturizers such as Shea Butter and Organic Honey to tackle even the driest feet effectively. Your feet will enjoy long-lasting hydration and feel soft and supple once again.

100% Vegan – Cruelty Free


Very dry feet

Instructions for use

Apply once a day to entire foot, focusing on the heel and forefoot.

Key ingredients

Shea Butter

Olive Oil

Organic Honey

White Beeswax

NATURAL CONTENT: 98% Natural Ingredients

NATURALNESS: Naturalness is calculated using the ISO 16128.1/.2 standard for each raw ingredient and then for the finished product:


White beeswax

Refined olive oil

Shea butter

Organic green tea extract

Organic honey extract

Xanthan gum, glycerin, glyceryl stearate

FORMULATION: 98% natural ingredients

- Shea butter: rich in essential fatty acids, terpenic alcohols, phytosterol and vitamins, which give it protective, moisturizing and antioxidant properties. It also deeply nourishes the skin, restoring its elasticity and promoting regeneration

- White beeswax: contains vitamin A, giving it protective, moisturizing and antioxidant properties. It also boosts the skin’s natural protective barrier function.

- Refined olive oil: rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that help to repair

   (phytosterols) and hydrate (squalenes).

The oil tones, softens and revitalizes the skin

  • Green tea extract, honey extract: anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties