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Nail Strengthener Vitamin-Enriched - Ecrinal®

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Best for soft, splitting, fragile, and brittle, nails


  • Strengthens, repairs and restructures deficient nails
  • Protects the nail from microbial attacks
  • Enhances the growth and resistance of nails
  • Totally invisible, penetrates quickly and disappears
  • Its innovative formula (with zinc, methionine and salicium) is also enriched with silk lipesters which protect the nail from microbial attack
  • Paraben-free, Formaldehyde-free, Toluene-free, Acetone-free

Instructions for Use

Apply daily to nails for 7-10 days, then 3 times per week (or more if necessary) for maintenance. Apply vitamin–enriched nail strengthener directly to bare nails. For very soft nails, you may then apply a coat of Ecrinal topcoat or the Ecrinal flexible basecoat to protect them until they have re-gained their strength and durability.


10 ml / 0.34 fl. oz

Active Ingredients

  • CSS Silk Lipesters® – aseptic, repairing, protective
  • Zinc Acetyl Methionate – growth activator, strengthens the keratin
  • Pro vitamin B5 – moisturizing, regenerating
  • Methionine – fortifying

Expiration Date

12 months after opening