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Golden Fango Oil Bath

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ABANO essential oils are absorbed through the skin and carried by the circulatory systems throughout the body. In warm water, these natural oils from flowers and plants help the skin release toxins, absorb nutrients and retain moisture. This essential oil bath alleviates signs of aches and pains, chronic sciatica, lumbago, chronic soft tissue and joint rheumatism, arthritis, and neuritis.

Best For

Therapeutic treatment, improving circulation, bronchitis, anti-inflammatory effect, relieving stress and pain, joint stiffness, fibrosis, cramps, spasms, symptoms of rheumatism, energizing, reducing swelling.


  • Oily components produce a smooth, silky feeling after the bath
  • Skin and body are soothed and softened
  • Contains high concentrations of pure essential oils and natural plant extracts
  • Contains antioxidants for free radicals
  • Creates shiny skin
  • Biodegradable
  • Dermatologically tested 

Instructions for Use

  1. Add 2 ounces of oil to warm water (102ºF).

  2. Bathe 10-20 minutes.

  3. For a true spa treatment, shower with cool or cold water.

  4. Rest wrapped warmly for 10-20 minutes.

Active Ingredients

  • Oils of Rosemary, Pine Needle, Eucalyptus, Thyme, and Juniper
  • Methyl salicylate
  • Camphor

Expiration Date

                      12 months after opening

                      FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY

                      MADE IN ITALY