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Face - Hand - Foot Weather Protection Skin Cream - AKÏLWINTER®

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This protective cream protects your skin from cold and dampness, nourishes and smoothes your skin while strengthening its barrier function.

Best For

Face, hands, feet exposed to cold and harsh weather, frostbite and chilblains.


  • Soothing, calms itching
  • Reinforces the natural hydro-lipid barrier
  • Helps your skin fight the effects of cold and harsh weather
  • Keeps your skin supple and resistant

Instructions for Use

  1. Apply to your face, hands, and feet.
  2. Massage until completely absorbed.
  3. Renew application as often as needed.
  4. DO NOT use on injured skin or open wounds. 


100 ml / 23.2 oz 

Active Ingredients

  • Calendula Oil – soothing, softening
  • Gingko Biloba – activates blood microcirculation, anti-inflammatory
  • Enoxolone –  anti-inflamatory
  • Allantoin –  soothing
  • Vitamin A – helps cell renewal
  • Vitamin E – anti-aging, anti-radicals, antioxidant
  • Provitamin B5 – moisturizing, regenerating improves the skin’s natural repair process.

                Expiration Date

                24 months after opening

                FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY

                MADE IN MONACO