BALLANCER®PRO Full Body System

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BALLANCER®PRO Full Body System

Includes: unlimited commercial use license

  • 1 Ballancer®Pro Control Unit
  • Ballancer®Pro pants
  • 1 Ballancer®Pro jacket
  • Ballancer®Pro expander sets (pants jacket)

The new Ballancer®Pro is based on decades of medical research and offers the patented Pre-Therapy® cycle, a massage of the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes in the proximal areas near the core of the body. This gentle, relaxing massage drains the lymph nodes that are generally filled with fluid first and paves the way for an enhanced circulation of lymphAs the sequence progresses, it begins the compression moving lower down the extremities.

The machine has 5 programs – all very easy to use.

Wave cycle: long, deep and slow peristaltic massage, especially suitable for quick recovery after exercise or when experiencing “heavy legs” or pain

Ballancer® cycle: short, superficial, and fast peristaltic massage.

Pretherapy® cycle stimulation of the lymph nodes in the groin or armpit (proximal areas)

These 3 cycles can be combined in:

Pretherapy® + Ballancer® cycle
Ballancer® cycle
Pretherapy® + Wave cycle
Wave cycle

Ideally the treatment takes place in a salon, spa or in any wellness center.


  • Natural detoxing
  • Boost your immune system and your body’s optimal health performance
  • Recover faster and reduce muscle soreness after exercise
  • Remove excess fluid and reduce swelling
  • Improve fat loss with better circulation
  • Skin Toning and Body Contouring
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite


Have you heard about our Lymphatic System? If you have, you’re more than likely in the medical field! If not, we’re here to help you learn more about this major part of our Immune System. In simple terms, this system performs one of the most vital roles for our bodies, it allows our bodies to properly drain toxins, excess waste, fluids, lactic acid and performs many other crucial tasks for our bodies.

It has three interrelated functions which include:

  • Removal of excess fluids from the body’s tissue
  • Absorption of fatty acids and transportation of fat
  • Production of immune cells

The Lymphatic System works in cooperation with white blood cells to protect the body in many ways. These include prevention of infection by cancer cells, fungi, viruses, and other bacteria.

You may not know this but when our lymph nodes become swollen, unpleasant health issues tend to ensue. You can improve your body’s ability to protect itself by addressing symptoms of swollen lymph Nodes. With the Ballancer®Pro you can massages your lymphatic system often to help keep your body disease-free. Lymph movement is essential to a healthy lymphatic system. Being able to perform this function occurs with low pressure peristalsis. The involuntary, wave-like constriction and relaxation of muscles inside your body.


  • cleanses
  • moves waste OUT of your body
  • flushes out metabolic waste
  • eliminate stress & lowers your acidic stress hormones (cortisol)

Most importantly you must know that in order to regulate these, the lymphatic system must be working properly, as it is the active “drain” and transport mechanism for many of them. The Ballancer®Pro can help improve that process.


The Ballancer®PRO massages and drains intermittently-peristaltically without friction the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes in the proximal areas near the core of the body. This gentle, relaxing massage drains the lymph nodes that are generally filled with fluids first and paves the way for an enhanced flow of lymphatic fluids.

The lymph system’s impact is so far reaching that many don’t even realize that minor aches and pains, low energy or susceptibility to colds and flu may be due to a sluggish lymph system and a compromised immune system.

The Ballancer®PRO, uses its patented Pre-Therapy® cycle, a massage of the lymphatic system. This type of massage is generally performed by a certified lymphatic therapist. The Ballancer®LITE System is so proficient and state of the art, it is like having 4 certified therapists performing the massage at once.

The Ballancer®PRO uses special inflatable compression pants and a separate jacket garment to apply a gentle or firm massage. The massage is created by air pressure inflating 24 overlapping chambers in the compression garment. This air pressure applies a smooth massage in a sequential, wave-like motion that helps the body to release excess fluids and toxins.  The lymph flow is stimulated as well as the venous blood flow, so that metabolic end products can be transported out of the tissue and flushed out of the body.

The treatment is highly efficient, removing metabolic waste swelling and fluid retention. In clinical studies in athletes, the positive influence on tissue and blood parameters could clearly be demonstrated.


It combines lymphatic drainage treatment with the state-of-the-art body shaping techniques and relaxation.

Most people will notice improvements in their level of wellbeing after their first treatment of the Ballancer® because lymphatic drainage has so many benefits to our bodies. Keep yourself and your clients looking and feeling in top condition with regular Ballancer® treatments.

Its vitally important to our immune system, reducing inflammation and healing in general. A healthy lymphatic system benefits us in many ways.

Further benefits are :

  • Increased circulation during treatment, for firmer and toned skin, and a fresh and younger look.
  • Clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated after each session.
  • Stimulation of dermal and subdermal circulation.
  • Improved venous blood flow increasing nourishment to tissue & accelerates the removal of waste products from fat metabolism.
  • Reduced swelling and pain caused by the excessive amount of the lymph and metabolites in the limbs.
  • Relieves “heavy legs” after a long day sitting and or standing.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic flow from the peripheral parts of the body.

It is also a perfect supplemental treatment for

  • Endermologie
  • Mesotherapy
  • Manual lymphatic drainage

Benefits for your business.

•        Safe and effective FDA-cleared lymphatic drainage system.

•        Offer state-of-the-art body contouring treatments to your clients.

•        High client retention due to immediate results.

•        Quick Return of Investment: Clients purchase treatment packages.

•        Increases passive income: Can be part of a multi-treatment, facials.    

•        Built to last for professional use Simple & Easy to use needing no

         additional staff to operate.

•        Exclusivity to your area and the US Market.

•        Additional clientele from increased referral business.