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CustoMask Amplifier - Galvanic Ion Enhancer

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Amp up your treatment – You deserve it.

Ten times deeper absorption, in just ten minutes.

Choose from three intensity levels, for specific skin worries:

Level 1: For the delicate and the sensitive.

Level 2: For the normal and the acne prone.

Level 3: For the mature, and for the prevention of aging.

Use with the right CustoMask and watch your skin transform.

CustoMask Amplifier

Designed to elevate your at-home, ionizable CustoMask treatment.

Amp up your treatment with the CustoMask Amplifier, created to optimise the absorption capabilities of the active ingredients, for an even more effective treatment for your specific skin needs.

Ten times deeper absorption, in just ten minutes.

*Disclaimer: You may experience a tingling sensation from the ionic treatment while using the CustoMask Amplifier. The tingling is harmless, and varies for different individuals.

Scientific Breakthrough

Using galvanic currents, the metal electrodes emit negative ionic microcurrents, to meet the positive ions in the Activated Concentrate inside the CustoMask. Through the electrophoresis and electroosmosis technologies, the current pushes the active ingredients deeper into the skin, ultimately increasing the skin’s permeability as well as a transdermal active ingredient delivery across the top layers of the skin.

Best For

Amplifying the results of the CustoMask, by enhancing the skin’s microcirculation for ten times better oxygen and nutrient delivery to deep skin cells. Refines pores, and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


To use, simply apply your prescribed CustoMask on the skin that has been cleansed with the appropriate B&B Labs cleanser.  Install the battery into the device. Pop on the CustoMask Amplifier like a headset but rest the probes on your cheeks. Press and hold the button until you hear a short one-time beep for Level 1 (Blue) mode. Press again and you will hear two beeps which means that the device is now in Level 2 (Purple) mode. Press one more time and you will hear three beeps which means that the device is in Level 3 (Red) mode.

 Level 1 is suitable for sensitive skin.

Level 2 is suitable for normal or acne-prone skin.

Level 3 is suitable for anti-aging (to soften fine lines and wrinkles).

Use the CustoMask Amplifier level that is indicated on the CustoMask sachet when undergoing this treatment. However, if you feel that the intensity is too strong for you, you can always start with Level 1 and slowly work up towards the indicated level. If you wish to switch off the device at any time, press and hold the button for about 2 seconds until you hear a long beep or the device will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of usage. For best results, do this treatment 2 to 3 times weekly. When the treatment is over, remove the headset and wipe over the electrodes with a dry soft cloth to remove any mask residue.