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Nail Repair Serum -Ecrinal®

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Nourishes and intensively hydrates nails and cuticles.

Best For

Dehydrated and fragile nails, cuticles, and hangnails


  • Ultra-concentrated serum (97.8% of active ingredients) moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens damaged nails
  • Helps soothe any irritations of nail contour
  • Eliminates hangnails
  • Recommended for people wearing artificial nails and those looking to grow their own healthy nails
  • Paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, toluene-free, acetone-free

      Instructions for Use

      1. Apply once to twice a day around the nails.
      2. Gently massage into cuticles and entire nail surface.
      3. Wipe dry any excess.
      4. Do not rinse or wipe with polish remover.
      5. Can be applied over polish.


      10 ml / 0.34 fl 0z

      Active Ingredients

      • Rice Bran Oil - antioxidant, soothing
      • Echium Oil - anti-inflammatory
      • Rosa Moschata Oil - healing, repairing
      • Grape Seed Oil - moisturizing, rebuilds the barrier function of the skin
      • Jojoba Oil - moisturizing, nourishing
      • Sea-buckthorn Oil - repairing
      • Castor Oil - protective, growth activator
      • Sunflower Oil - nourishing, softening, protective
      • Avocado Oil - repairing
      • Hazel-Nut Oil - nourishing
      • ANP®2+ - natural growth activator for lashes, nails and hair

        Expiration Date

        12 months after opening

        Made in Monaco